Qualified investors give money to dealmakers.

The #1 mistake filmmakers make that sabotage their dreams and prevent them from realizing their true potential is approaching qualified investors as an artist, instead of as a dealmaker.

There are thousands of "filmmakers" who have grown old never having helmed a proper feature film. They are left to reflect on the wasted years, having chased a dream unrealized. "Could I have chosen a different path and found success in another field?" "Was everyone right about me?"

These are frightening thoughts. Fortunately, Legacy Entertainment Partners is accepting submissions of qualified projects from hungry, talented filmmakers who want to arm themselves with a top gun plan.

Don’t throw away what could be the most productive years of your life chasing money. Don't be, "Just a dreamer." Spend those years establishing a career and building a brilliant body of work!

Send all submissions to: funding@legacyentp.com 


In addition to making movies and TV series, Legacy Entertainment Partners offers an array of entertainment business consulting services to assist artists, indie filmmakers and authors in all facets of creative development from script/manuscript polishing, to production planning, to sophisticated social media design to brand both artists and projects.

Investment Prospectuses  
Legacy is particularly noted for developing fiscally high-level Investment Prospectuses that comprehensively address risk management and mitigation, and identify project-specific techniques to maximize ROI; our Investor Prospectuses, for example, assess the distributors in our extensive global network that from experience and our relationships suggest would be a excellent project match.   

Investor Verify

Investor Verification & Qualification is a service that can help you identify serious investors and verify their net worth. 

Business Plans

Your potential investors will want to know that you have solid strategies in place for your film or TV project, and that you’re being realistic about your position in the market.

Your business plan needs to describe what key elements your production will offer, your qualifications to deliver successfully, and how you see your place in the industry and in relation to the competition.

You should also be prepared to inform them on how you’re going to develop your brand, how you’d like your production to be perceived, and how you’re going to establish that brand image in the public mind. How will you market your film to ensure returns on their investment? Will you advertise through social media, print, radio, television? Who will see your productions? 

Foreign & Domestic Sales Estimates

Distribution is often an “after-thought,” but is of vital importance to Investors from the point of initial evaluation for ROI.  We also develop analytic Foreign & Domestic Sales Estimates as individual ancillary services.

Marketing & Social Media Plans are critical to develop. They service as a clear and concise road map towards your success in branding yourself and your content. 
Offering these quality award-winning services at very low cost is our way of giving back to the arts. 

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