We are one of the fastest emerging companies among the entertainment industry with strong global branches that use our enterprise strength in technology, brand, globalization and services to collectively generate consistent growth, high margins and high returns.

Legacy Entertainment Partners, LLC would like to introduce you to an opportunity that is relatively new to most investors. That is, investing in film productions. About 15 years ago when the industry’s technology changed, it created more opportunity for filmmakers to go independent because production costs had dropped significantly. The films you see at theaters and watch on-demand are financed by smart private equity investors and notable investment groups. And they are all making a substantial profit.

Here are the benefits in brief:

  • Tax Credits / Incentives
  • Maturity value upwards of 175% of the life of the copyright of the movie
  • Royalties up to 18 years
  • A 15-20% Return on Principal Investment
  • Upto 50% equity of ownership of the movie property
  • All shared risk investments
  • Aggressive action to minimize risk
  • All productions are insured

For more information about how you can take advantage please contact:

Gena Vazquez @ or 747-998-5000.

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